Amherst Live @ Amherst Poetry Festival

We have two poetry events happening Saturday, Sept. 20, as part of the Amherst Poetry Festival.

1) Amherst Live 2014 Poetry Prize Semi-Finalist Reading: From 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. at the Sweetser Park stage four of our ten talented semifinalists for the 2014 Amherst Live poetry prize will read their poems and field occasional questions from Amherst Live host Oliver Broudy. Readers include Jacob Chapman, Kathleen Kelley, Ingrid Steblea, and Gerald Yelle. Details here.

2) Amherst Live erotica poetry reading: The Amherst Live erotica poetry reading caps off the Saturday of the Amherst Poetry Festival. Please join us at The Monkey Bar, 63 North Pleasant Street, for this skin-tingling, language-enticing event. We’re pretty… ahem… excited about this one! We’ll mix readings and performances with diverting trials of wit and wordcraft, raunchy drink specials, and a smorgasbord of saucy prizes for the winners. Readers include Sally Bellerose, Nicole DiCello, Corwin Ericson, Daniel Hales, and Ellen LaFleche. Performance poet Adam Stone will host the event. $3 cover.

Check out the other events at the Amherst Poetry Festival, which takes place Sept. 19 – 21. A full schedule is available here.

Poetry Prize Semi-Finalists!

Congratulations to our 2014 Poetry Prize Semi-Finalists!

Jacob Chapman, Amherst
Lori Desrosiers, Westfield
Oonagh Doherty, Northampton
Shawn Durrett, South Deerfield
Adam Grabowski, Holyoke
James Heflin, South Deerfield
Kathleen Kelley, Florence
Connolly Ryan, Florence
Ingrid Steblea, Greenfield
Gerald Yelle, Amherst

Be sure to catch our poets at the Amherst Live portion of the Amherst Poetry Festival on September 20. In the coming weeks, two finalists will be chosen to appear in our January show.

Parking for 9/13 Amherst Live Show

The third issue of Amherst Live takes place 7pm, this Saturday, September 13, at Bowker Auditorium, UMass-Amherst. The event venue is circled in pink on the attached map.

Parking is free on all flat lots (green on the map) on the UMass campus on weekends. If you can’t find parking on a flat lot, the parking garage (orange on the map) charges $1.50/hr.



Our First PSA!

Another great moment in the history of Amherst Live: We just recorded our first PSA, which you can observe here:

Yes, we are officially en route to the big time.


0914-flyerLimited tickets for the 9/13 show are available at the door for $15. $7 for students.


Saturday, September 13, 2014
Bowker Auditorium, UMass-Amherst
Doors 7pm; Show 7:30pm
Catered Afterparty at the UMass Student Union Ballroom

This show is only made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

Amherst Live is hiring!

Amherst Live is looking for a Production Manager (PM). PM will work closely with the Executive Producer (EP) to take the show from script to stage (and video) three times a year. This means:

—Working individually with each element to ensure the creative vision is achieved in the best possible way:
• Coordinating with Lighting Designer to achieve best result for both stage and video;
• Coordinating with house band and EP to develop effective accompaniment;
• Coordinating with Sound Engineer and Sound Designer to achieve best result for stage and video;
• Coordinating with Video Production team to achieve best results for both stage and video;
—Managing all elements (talent, lighting, stage design, music, sound, video, catering) so everyone knows where they need to be, and when; creating timelines and schedules for scriptwork and rehearsals;
—Organizing and facilitating rehearsals;
—Organizing and managing the show;
—Facilitating communication between front of the house and backstage;
—Consulting with EP on best use of show resources.

Amherst Live is currently awaiting nonprofit status. Funding is limited at this time, but PM will be paid a stipend tbd.

Issue No. 2 Podcast is here!

AmherstLive Issue No. 2 podcast is available! Did you miss out on the show? Are you jonesing for the inside scoop on our small town? The comings, the goings, the fringes, the underbelly, the here, the there. Well the there is here now! Chock full of Poetry, Trees, Ideas, Farming, Neighborhood Planning, and Music full of awesome. 

Check out the free Amherst Live podcast on iTunes. It’s a great listen while you’re chopping those spring onions from Farmer Dan.


Does Amherst Need a Performance Space??

Check out this manifesto, compiled by the forces of Amherst Live, making the case for a place in Amherst where we can actually go to hear music: We Want a Venue!

Agree? Disagree? Chime in on Facebook!

Top 10 Ideas For Our Town

We asked our audience at AmherstLive’s Winter Edition for their uncensored ideas to improve our small town of Amherst.  And boy did we get ideas!  And boy did we have to censor them!  Oliver and Baer talked about a few of them on stage, but we thought we’d grab ten of them and list ‘em here.   The thing about these ideas is that many of them don’t take any large governmental action, don’t require massive funding, just need some passionate folks to get together and make magic happen!  Any takers?

1. Popup Cocktail Bar – much like a roving food truck, but taking advantage of different empty and freaky spaces, create a magical environment, add some live jazz, and serve stupendous cocktails.

2. Crank up The Amherst Poetry Festival – If nothing else, Amherst creates poetry.  Last fall’s inaugural Amherst Poetry Festival on Emily’s birthday was a wonderful start.  Let’s crank this baby up!

3. Ice Skating Rink on The Common – We got this idea repeatedly from lots of folks.

4. A Real Parking Garage –  Some folks want to drive, others want to kill cars, some want to encourage walking and biking, some want to save the earth, some want to be able to visit a restaurant.  Whatever the reason, the best way to get folks to start an argument in Amherst is to talk parking.

5. Teenager/Elder Program – Pair teenagers in every neighborhood with elders – they would meet once/week – maybe just chat, maybe shovel snow, eat cookies, etc.  Maybe get the Senior Center and ARHS/ARMS working together!

6. Sidewalk Cafes – Open the sidewalks in town for outside tables and restaurants so that more people can enjoy our beautiful town while having a drink.

7. Two words: Public Pianos.

8. Downtown music/performance venue – There’s really no venue downtown where you can go to hear music, or catch a play.  What’s up with that?

9. Summer Community Dance – A summer family oriented festival on the Common.  Cow chip bingo, music, hayrides, chalk art, pie contest, pig roast, vintage car trophies, superman dress up, toilet bowl race, all culminating in a old-school dance to a live band.

10. Annual Dog Parade – So many dogs, no parade.


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