Amherst Live @ Amherst Poetry Festival

We have two poetry events happening Saturday, Sept. 20, as part of the Amherst Poetry Festival.

1) Amherst Live 2014 Poetry Prize Semi-Finalist Reading: From 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. at the Sweetser Park stage four of our ten talented semifinalists for the 2014 Amherst Live poetry prize will read their poems and field occasional questions from Amherst Live host Oliver Broudy. Readers include Jacob Chapman, Kathleen Kelley, Ingrid Steblea, and Gerald Yelle. Details here.

2) Amherst Live erotica poetry reading: The Amherst Live erotica poetry reading caps off the Saturday of the Amherst Poetry Festival. Please join us at The Monkey Bar, 63 North Pleasant Street, for this skin-tingling, language-enticing event. We’re pretty… ahem… excited about this one! We’ll mix readings and performances with diverting trials of wit and wordcraft, raunchy drink specials, and a smorgasbord of saucy prizes for the winners. Readers include Sally Bellerose, Nicole DiCello, Corwin Ericson, Daniel Hales, and Ellen LaFleche. Performance poet Adam Stone will host the event. $3 cover.

Check out the other events at the Amherst Poetry Festival, which takes place Sept. 19 – 21. A full schedule is available here.