Let’s make some leaders!

A special community announcement…

The deal: There’s a pretty cool house in town you may not know about. It’s called the ABC House (A Better Chance), on Prospect Street, and basically what the folks at ABC do is bring super-smart kids of color from crappy school systems to come live in Amherst and learn in our schools and participate in our community.

The upside: Our community benefits because our kids get to hang out with these driven and talented students. Their community benefits because ABC molds these students into leaders. And those leaders eventually benefit all of us. Deval Patrick is an ABC alum. So is the singer Tracy Chapman. And Dr. Bonnie Jenkins, the U.S. Rep in the G8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction.

The problem: Our ABC House recently got hit with funding cuts to the tune of about $20k. Their annual budget is around $100k, and they need to raise at least a third of that this Saturday, at their annual Fall Foliage Walk/Run. And so far, not nearly enough people have signed up.

Boom: Board president John Sieracki has described ABC as “a way people can act locally to directly combat institutional racism.” It’s this directness and localness that we really admire here at Amherst Live. That’s why we’ll be there for the Foliage Walk/Run this Saturday. Registration for the run begins at 8:30a, with the walk registration at 9a. Full details here.

See you there!