High Summer TV Revival

High Summer TV Revival

It’s Hot.  Let’s Drink and Seriously Hang Out.

That’s right peeps, with your booze-inflected Cocktail Cone in hand and the funk jam of Jeremy Turgeon Quintet in your head as a Brooklyn graffiti artist arts up a brick wall, you will choose three (3) old-school TV shows to be mega-massively projected on an undisclosed outdoor surface downtown.

Click here to get your tickets for a 1960s price of $4 We’ve sold out all of our previous shows, so don’t dawdle. 21+


* Live, righteous funk for your head
* A graffiti artist running amok
* Booze-inflected cocktail snow cones
* Local ales
* Toothsome morsels
* A secret nearby funky outdoor location

And, oh yeah, 
Your choice of three (3) old school TV shows mega-massively projected!


  1. WKRP in Cincinnati 
  2. Sanford & Son 
  3. Mork & Mindy 
  4. Welcome Back Kotter
  5. Twilight Zone 
  6. Taxi
  7. I Love Lucy
  8. The Odd Couple
  9. Dragnet
  10. The Larry Sanders Show

Lucy vs. Mork?   Fred Sanford vs. Mr. Kottterrrrr?  Felix vs. Joe Friday? 
Yeah, you’ve now entered…the Twilight Zone….

Everyone will vote for their favorite episode
1 vote per drink
The top (3) vote-getters will be massively projected
onto an undisclosed wall downtown….next to where
a graffiti artist will be creating…


Where is this hang, you ask?  The location is a tasty secret.  You will receive an email the day before the event with location. But don’t worry, it’s outdoors, it’s downtown, and it’s not The Common (’cause this is most assuredly *not* a common hang).


This retreat from the heat is sponsored by awesome folks who are helping to make arts a reality in our small town: Five College Realtors, A.J. Hastings, RISE Dispensaries, Phoenix Fruit Farms, and the Amherst BID.

You gots questions?  Pop us an email at amherstlive@gmail.com