Amherst Live is the new live magazine show bringing you news and insight, ideas and inspiration, from the heart of one small town. Produced by professionals, performed by rank amateurs, each tri-annual show collects the best in local politics, poetry, nature, and music—together with two terse but edgy talks that will change the way you view the town you thought you knew.

Each of us has a story to tell, or a question to answer. But there’s something to be said for telling those stories and answering those questions in public, so that all may benefit from the upshot, and forge stronger community bonds in the process.  Amherst Live aims to provide a home for these ambitions, making the absolute most of all the talent, diversity, passion, and intellectual firepower that our town has to offer.  Amherst Live is where big ideas and a small town collide.

Do you know someone who has a story to tell? Or an insight to share? Or a vexing question to pursue? Or maybe you just know someone who’s interesting, but has never had the occasion to sit down and organize their thoughts for others to appreciate. Send us an email (amherstlive at gmail.com) and we’ll help bring their story to the stage.