I can’t go on. I’ll go on.

In episode 6 of Let’s Be Reasonable, Amherst town manager Paul Bockelman, UMass architecture professor and public school advocate Max Page, and recent Amherst school committee candidate Jennifer Page discuss the defeat of the $66 million Wildwood school building proposal, and what it means for the future.

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Can the Valley Survive Trump?

In episode 5 of Let’s Be Reasonable, a veteran political strategist, a black feminist archaeologist, and a rabbi discuss the implications of the Trump ascendency for Amherst and the Valley.

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Let’s Be Reasonable can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, or you can stream it here.

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Fire up the wonkmobile and grab the popcorn, because it is officially ON. Table-thumpin’ Irv Rhodes and number-crunchin’ Maria Kopicki go head to head in the fourth episode of Let’s Be Reasonable. At issue: the Wildwood School Building Project, aka Question 5.

Irv: “Moving from certainty to uncertainty is irresponsible.”

Maria: “We’ve been having buyer’s remorse since the 70s. Let’s not do it again.”

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Local Architect John Kuhn Defends His New Amherst Office Building In the Third Episode of LBR

Discussed in this episode of LBR: What is the fate of Amherst’s downtown? Can architecture help us imagine our future? How was the design for the first new office building to be built in Amherst in 30 years arrived at?

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Below, buildings mentioned in the podcast:


Gazette version of the new Kuhn-Riddle office building.


Original version of the new Kuhn-Riddle office building.


Alternative view of the new Kuhn-Riddle office building.


The Kendrick Place building, designed by Archipelago.


Rendering of 1 East Pleasant, designed by Archipelago.


Pompidou, a spanking new building in the middle of Paris, cited by Kuhn.


Table-top cathedral, designed by a six-year-old.

Second episode of Let’s Be Reasonable now online!

Be advised: the powerful second episode of the Amherst Live-sponsored podcast Let’s Be Reasonable is now online. In this episode, Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee member Vira Douangmany-Cage provides an after action report on the precipitous departure of ARSS superintendent Maria Geryk, and discusses the challenges of building trust on a deeply divided school committee.

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Amherst Live Launches New Podcast

We are very pleased to announce a new, Amherst Live-sponsored podcast called “Let’s Be Reasonable,” a hyperlocal podcast dedicated to one of the greatest challenges facing the people of the Pioneer Valley. Because let’s face it. Despite the Valley’s reputation as a bastion of enlightenment, it’s not easy being reasonable these days.

The first episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, available today, features an in-depth interview with Amherst-Pelham School Committee member Trevor Baptiste on the controversial departure of Maria Geryk from her role as superintendent of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School district. Check it out! And don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of future episodes! Or else “like” us on Facebook!

TV Crew Wanted!

Amherst Live is at work on a new project—a nimble, compact, half-hour TV interview show reflecting the sophisticated sensibility of the Pioneer Valley—equal parts Charlie Rose and The Daily Show, with a dash of Portlandia.

Currently, we are looking for a crew:

3 camera operators
1 director
1 floor manager
1 sound person
1 lighting person
1 make-up/wardrobe person

Contact amherstlive@gmail.com to learn more.

The Drive-In is Nigh!

A few tickets remain for Amherst Live‘s “Highbrow at the Drive-In” event, featuring Terrence Malick’s “Badlands” and a little French number called “The Dinner Game” — plus a fever of poets to talk the sun down.

Get your tix here!

Date change for Highbrow at the Drive-In!

It has come to our attention that the initial scheduled date for the Amherst Live cinematic extravaganza at the Northfield Drive-In conflicts with another important event being offered by our good friends at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment: The Battle of the Botanicals — “an evening of botanically inspired cocktail and food pairings” at the newly renovated Powerhouse at Amherst College.


Be it known that in deference to the wonderful people at the Hitchcock Center, and to inspired cocktailry everywhere, Highbrow at the Drive-In will now take place on July 7. Tickets and info available here. And if you’ve got nothing going on June 9, consider checking out the Hitchcock event. It looks supertasty.