0914-flyerLimited tickets for the 9/13 show are available at the door for $15. $7 for students.


Saturday, September 13, 2014
Bowker Auditorium, UMass-Amherst
Doors 7pm; Show 7:30pm
Catered Afterparty at the UMass Student Union Ballroom

This show is only made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

Issue No. 2 Podcast is here!

AmherstLive Issue No. 2 podcast is available! Did you miss out on the show? Are you jonesing for the inside scoop on our small town? The comings, the goings, the fringes, the underbelly, the here, the there. Well the there is here now! Chock full of Poetry, Trees, Ideas, Farming, Neighborhood Planning, and Music full of awesome. 

Check out the free Amherst Live podcast on iTunes. It’s a great listen while you’re chopping those spring onions from Farmer Dan.




IMG_0551 Our second edition of Amherst Live is in the books! Thanks to all our neighbors who came out on a snowy New England eve to connect over black holes, wolves, roads, farming, great music and beers, poetry, and of course, merging back into Hadley.

Keep an eye out here over the next few weeks as we’ll be posting some of the wondrous poems submitting for the Amherst Live Poetry Prize, as well as more of the visionary and weird audience ideas for making Amherst a smarter, more tingly place to live.  Including some of the more, um, interesting ideas that came up during last night’s After-Party at the High Horse.  But most importantly thanks to all of you for making our small town such a bucket full of awesome!

Full of Awesome

We’d like to welcome  two new sponsors who are supporting Amherst Live!  Integrity Development & Construction is the premier builder in our New England valley as well as a dedicated member of the community with their support of projects like Habitat for Humanity, LSSE Community Theater, and of course Amherst Live!

Bueno Y Sano, located on Boltwood Walk, makes perhaps the perfect burrito, full of flavor and architected with skill.  Bueno & Sano is Spanish for Good & Healthy, they’ve been making people truly happy since 1995!

So be sure to give these folks some local love!

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