Amherst Live is hiring!

Amherst Live is looking for a Production Manager (PM). PM will work closely with the Executive Producer (EP) to take the show from script to stage (and video) three times a year. This means:

—Working individually with each element to ensure the creative vision is achieved in the best possible way:
• Coordinating with Lighting Designer to achieve best result for both stage and video;
• Coordinating with house band and EP to develop effective accompaniment;
• Coordinating with Sound Engineer and Sound Designer to achieve best result for stage and video;
• Coordinating with Video Production team to achieve best results for both stage and video;
—Managing all elements (talent, lighting, stage design, music, sound, video, catering) so everyone knows where they need to be, and when; creating timelines and schedules for scriptwork and rehearsals;
—Organizing and facilitating rehearsals;
—Organizing and managing the show;
—Facilitating communication between front of the house and backstage;
—Consulting with EP on best use of show resources.

Amherst Live is currently awaiting nonprofit status. Funding is limited at this time, but PM will be paid a stipend tbd.


Amherst Live Poster 2013 09

The sets are painted, the talks are flowing, the cameras are ready….Just four days away, peeps!