Why Do It?

Sure, it can be scary to share your story in front of a large audience. Here’s why you should do it anyway:

  • Because, this year, you want to try something new
  • Because it would be a terrible waste not to share what you’ve learned after all you suffered to learn it
  • Because you know your voice is as at least as valid and truthful as any talking head on TV
  • Because the story you want to tell deserves to be part of the public conversation
  • Because you no longer believe in mainstream culture, and like the idea of creating our own
  • Because you’ve been meaning to organize your thoughts like this for a long time, and just never had the opportunity
  • Because you’ll never face a friendlier or more supportive audience
  • Because it’s a fun opportunity to work with an awesome team of creative people
  • Because you want to give back to your community
  • Because it’s safer than jumping out of an airplane and considerably more rewarding
  • Because you’ll be glad you did (See our Testimonials from past talkers)
  • Because if you don’t do it, it won’t happen
  • Because f*** it
  • Because you only live once