Let’s Be Reasonable Podcast

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Amherst Live’s hyperlocal podcast dedicated to the greatest challenges facing the people of the Pioneer Valley. Because let’s face it. Despite the Valley’s reputation as a bastion of enlightenment, it’s not easy being reasonable these days.

Let’s Be Reasonable” can be found wherever you dig up your podcasts, or just click on the links.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 11 – Should You Vote for the Amherst Town Charter?
Has the time finally come to scrap Town Meeting? Should you vote for the proposed charter, endorsing a town council system to replace it? You’ve heard the debates. You’ve argued with friends. You’ve frowned at your neighbors. Now it’s time to get real. Tune in for some next level hemming and hawing as Mandi Jo Hanneke, from Amherst for All, Maria Kopicki, from Not This Charter, together with our bewildered host, try to make sense of the decision that could change Amherst forever!
LBR 170x170bbEpisode 10 – What the Heck is Solomon Thinking?
Hampshire 3rd District State Rep Solomon Goldstein-Rose explains why he left the democratic party, how nuclear power can save us, and what the anti-charter movement gets wrong.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 9 – What is the Future of the Daily Hampshire Gazette?
Gazette publisher Mike Rifanburg, editor-in-chief Jeff Good, ex-editor-in-chief of the Amherst Bulletin Nick Grabbe, and nationally recognized expert on community journalism Penny Muse Abernathy discuss the prospects for community journalism — and the Hampshire Gazette. Subscribe to Let’s Be Reasonable via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.


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Episode 8 – How to Stay Sane in a Small New England Town
Microdosing, Buddhism, booze, pharmaceuticals — what’s the best way to stay sane in a small New England town? A panel discussion. Subscribe to the Let’s Be Reasonable podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play!


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Episode 7 – Jones Library Expansion Debate
Should Amherst residents pay $12 million to renovate the Jones Library? Supporters and opponents make their case. PLUS: on-site bonus round with Jones Library Director Sharon Sharry. You can subscribe to Let’s Be Reasonable via iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 6 – The Wildwood/Fort River Aftermath 
On this episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, Amherst Town Manager Paul Bockelman, UMass Professor of Architecture Max Page, and recent school committee candidate Jennifer Page discuss the defeat of the Wildwood school building proposal, and what it means for the future.

LBR 170x170bbEpisode 5 – Roundtable on Trump
A veteran political strategist, a black feminist archaeologist, and a rabbi discuss the implications of the Trump ascendency for Amherst and the Valley.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 4 – BOLD vs SASS: The Schools Debate
On this episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, Irv Rhodes of B.O.L.D. and Maria Kopicki of S.A.S.S. debate the reasonableness of Amherst’s plans to build a new, 750-student elementary school.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 3 – John Kuhn
On this episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, architect John Kuhn defends his design of the first new office building to be built in Amherst for 30 years. Plus, how much is fair to expect of an architect, anyway?


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 2 – Vira Douangmany-Cage
On this episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, Vira Douangmany-Cage discusses the recent departure of ARPS superintendent Maria Geryk, and the challenges of building trust on a deeply divided school committee.


LBR 170x170bbEpisode 1 – Trevor Baptiste
In this episode of Let’s Be Reasonable, host Oliver Broudy talks with Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee member Dr. Trevor Baptiste regarding the events surrounding the controversial departure of Maria Geryk from her position as superintendent of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School system.